Battle Monkeys

Battle Monkeys 1.2.5

Monkeys fight to take over the world


  • Great graphics and sound
  • Over 1000 outfits to choose from
  • Online multiplayer mode


  • Limited weaponery


Battle Monkeys is an unusual game where you play the role of a monkey tribe that aims to take over the world.

The basic premise is that the world is ruled by monkeys and there's a fight to the death to see who's going to be the leader of monkey kind. You control a small army of armed monkey warriors and battle against different contestants to see if you can be the great one. As you progress through the levels, the tribes and contestants you face become increasingly harder.

There are several different monkeys to play with and you can customize them with a staggering 1000 different outfits. The graphics are surprisingly good for such a budget game as are the sound effects and overall soundtrack. The gameplay is pretty addictive too and enhanced by the fact that you can link up with other online players via a Multi-player mode.

Battle Monkeys is a fun and well polished game that keeps you coming back for more.

Battle Monkeys


Battle Monkeys 1.2.5

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